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phoebe rolls
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I have always looked at life from behind a lens. From my childhood in Hampshire to documenting my friends at Leeds University, I have always been “the one with the camera”. Photography has always been how I make sense of the world.  


Since moving to London in 2016, I’ve photographed commercial content for luxury brands like Whispering Angel, Mote Hennessy, Boodles, Dash Water and Asceno and been the camera on the ground for Tatler Magazine. This includes photographing glamorous, high-society weddings for the iconic Bystander pages, as well as fashion shoots, and I have work closely with The Gentleman Journal.   


My photography is a snapshot of a moment; a story in time.  I want to be the fly on the wall; but also part of the party. I want to make people laugh, to put them at ease and open up. In this way, I capture the essence of an evening; and immortalise the moments that everyone wants to remember.


Former Tatler editor Geordie Greig put it best: “Phoebe Rolls is the next Hugo Burnand: and I can tell because of how she works the room.”  

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